Friday, 28 October 2016

Potential US First Lady

Who is Melania Trump?

Melania Trump wondering whether her husband Donald Trump will get elected
PHOTO/ Nozell, Marc. Donald Trump & Melania Trump. 8th February 2016. Donald Trump @ Manchester, NH (20160208). 28th October 2016.

Melania Trump was born on 26th April 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia situated on the Balkan Peninsula, and is the 3rd wife of the American Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. She is the mother of the 10 year old Barron Trump. She is a former underwear model who had a nude photoshoot for the British magazine GQ in January 2000 and now assists her husband by performing speeches to increase his chances of becoming the first Republican President since the year 2008 when George W Bush finished his second term as President. If her husband Donald Trump wins the 2016 US Presidential election, Melania would be the 1st legal Immigrant First Lady and she would also be the second First Lady born outside of the United States after Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams who was the wife of the sixth American President, John Quincy Adams (1825-1829). She is the only First Lady to have been born outside of the United States.

Melania Trump copied the speech of Michelle Obama, who is the wife of outgoing President Barack Obama, and Mrs Trump was criticised for plagiarism by sections of the American population. At the time of publication, Melania Trump will be performing two or three more speeches to help her husband get elected as President of the country United States of America. She could be the First Lady which is the spouse of an elected President, if her husband wins the Presidential Election on 8th November 2016. Mrs Trump recently had an interview on the American satellite television channel CNN (Cable News Network) with the American journalist Anderson Cooper to defend her husband’s allegations of sexual misconduct when he made disgraceful comments towards women.