Friday, 26 August 2016

The Rise of Insufferable People

The Rise of Insufferable People

Have you encountered bad customer service? Are you frightened of being put on hold?

These are just some in a multitude of questions that looks at the 'insufferable person'. It doesn't cost one to demonstrate good manners.

Our society has been plagued by selfishness and rudeness. Rather than helping out people in their time of need, some customer service assistants make matters worse either by being completely incompetent or deliberately stringing customers along.

Whether it's giving way on the road, whether it's making room for other commuters you get the sense that many people out there simply do not care about others.

On a daily basis I encounter insufferable people- families at the park who occupy too much space, people who stare at you as if you offended them, men and women who do not look where they are going on the street. You name it and it will almost certainly be another case of people who act irresponsibly and are absolutely clueless to the consequences of their actions.

What you must remember is that people will only look after their own interests so you cannot rely on them to help you out. People will only let you down, so be careful who you trust.